Dean Yeong who?


The resistance to perform at your full potential as a creative or an entrepreneur is huge - both from the inside and the outside. Conquering the resistance is not just about the hard work, but also self-awareness, discipline, and grit.

My name is Dean Yeong, and this is the official home of my life work. I study successful people with wide range of background and discipline from top performing athletes to successful entrepreneurs. Here, I share research-based ideas and techniques about behavioral psychology and performance improvement.

Being a creative and an entrepreneur myself, I acknowledge that the ability to making better decisions, cultivating good habits, and maintaining great health are crucial to our work and life. That’s when I started to dive deeper into these topics to uncover what makes successful people and top performers achieve what they have achieved.

However, I don’t just write about things. Along the way, I like to try out the concepts myself as the experiment to build better habits and rituals to achieve what matters the most to me. And that indirectly shape this site, it’s one part of research-based facts and findings, one part storytelling, and one part personal thoughts and experience.

A small selection of my ideas and words are being featured on Elite Daily, Inc, The Huffington Post, Thought Catalog and other publications.


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The thing is, this site is not about me. This site is about creatives and entrepreneurs like you. And here are a few things I make for you:

The Monday Digest

The primary place I publish and share my article and other works is my weekly newsletter - the Monday Digest. It’s a place where people like you who thrive to becoming a better version of themselves hang out and receive my latest article straight to their inbox every Monday. Subscribe to the Monday Digest

Personal Reading Notes

Reading changed my life. I see reading as time traveling since you could literally learn something in 20 minutes that took the author 20 years to figure out. I read a wide range of books from psychology to self-improvement to entrepreneurship. Then, I publish my reading notes on this site. Read book summaries here

Guides, Workshops & Courses

I create products - live workshops and digital courses - that help you to maximize your performance at work and life. Besides that, I also make small and meaty guides that are free for download. Access your guides here


- Dean Yeong

PS: Frankly, I don’t have all the answers, however, it’s always my pleasure to share one and two things I knew with you.