I write and publish weekly articles to my popular newsletter the Monday Digest, and I manage a list of summaries of every single book I ever read. Besides, I publish books on the topics of behavioral psychology and peak performance.

You can think that my weekly articles and reading notes as pieces of content that provide broader ideas, insights, and techniques on a certain topic, while the books are much all-rounded, deeper and more specific in helping you to improve your performance personally and professionally.

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1. Habit Hacking

A project I’m currently working on. It’s a short, on purpose, research-backed book about how to break bad habits, get started with new routines, and design new good habits that stick.

2. Reading Notes of The Best Books

Summary of every book I read. Each summary starts with a short note from my personal point of view and followed by the key ideas and lessons from the book in tiny digestible bulleted format.