Hi, thanks for checking out this contact page and glad that you’re interested in contacting me. You can reach me at or on Twitter @DeanYeong. These are usually the reasons people contacting me for:

1) Podcast Interview

I’m opening to any interview right now. Just let me know more about your podcast via email, and I will get back to you within 72 hours. I can share a wide range of tips, information, and even personal experiences on the topics of behavioral psychology and performance improvement that will definitely deliver a huge amount of value to your audience.

2) Guest Post

I have done a lot of guest posting on others’ blogs and publications, but I have never accepted any guest post on my blog yet. But it doesn’t mean I don’t accept guest posts, I always stay an open mind in this matter. So, feel free to email me whether you need me to write for your blog or you’re interested in writing for my readers.

3) Testimonials and Praise

It’s always my pleasure to share what I know and think that may be useful to you. In fact, I don’t know everything in details until I actually done the research to write about it. So, I should be the one to say Thank You, I learned because you’re here to read it. Besides, I’m certainly not the one who possess all these ideas and insights from my little finite brain. Those are amazing works by many other great researchers, entrepreneurs, writers, and authors.

For your concern, I may not be able to reply your email on this because I’m receiving quite many of them. The best thing you can do for me is by sharing or tweeting what you found useful so that more people can gain some valuable insights from it.

4) Individual Help

I have to say that I can’t provide personal counselling or help to every single person on an individual level. And I believe you could easily find the answers for most problems you’re facing right now via the Internet and books. And then, what you really need is to take immediate actions rather than waiting for the permission from another person or me, whom may have a totally different worldview from you.

. . .

Social Media Profiles

Besides publishing weekly articles on this blog, I’m on a few social media platforms – to connect and to share my work.

  • Facebook: I post blog updates on my Facebook page. Besides, I do have plans to run a few Facebook Live to discuss a few things on the same topics with this blog in the near future.
  • Twitter: This is the best way for you to reach me if you’re looking for a quick (and short) reply. I promise, you will definitely get a reply from me if you’re tweeting me on Twitter.
  • Quora: I answer some questions there, and most of them are not on this blog. If you like to read my content in a different context and perspectives, Quora is the place to go.
  • LinkedIn: I’m not an active user there, and still looking for ways to improve my LinkedIn profile. Let me know if you’re a LinkedIn expert.