Guides and mini-courses that help maximizing your output

You can think that my weekly articles and reading notes as pieces of content that provide broader ideas, insights, and techniques on a certain topic, while the guides are much all-rounded, deeper and more specific in helping you to improve your performance personally and professionally.

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Breaking, Building & Transforming Your Habits

90% of our daily activities are our habits. With that said, any result you obtained today, regardless good or bad, is the collective product of your habits in the past. Likewise, every result you desired for the future depends on the habits you have and cultivate at this moment.

Getting Motivated & Staying Motivated

Motivation is the must-have element to get us started on anything that we wanted to do. However, often, it isn’t a reliable fuel to keep us going for a long run. That happens because most people are depending on motivation from external sources instead of building motivation within themselves.

Intermittent Fasting for Beginners

I had practiced intermittent fasting for 1 year till the time of writing. My initial purpose was to lose weight and body fat, but then I started to dive deeper to understand other advantages & benefits of intermittent fasting, and alternative ways to practice it.