Habit Workshop

Mastering the Art of Peak Performance by Hacking the Power of Small Sustainable Routines and Habits.

We are what we do repeatedly. Almost every achievement and success in business and life boiled down to not talents, resources, or luck - but habits.

The Habit Workshop is broken down into three main parts. During the 60-minute live workshop, you will learn about the science of habit formation, how to build habits that stick, and what to avoid in the process of mastering your habit.

Part 1: How to make it work?

Discover the scientific formula behind every habit formation and learn how to break and build habit with very little motivation and willpower.

Part 2: How to make it stick?

Research based techniques and street-smart hacks on building habits that sticks without feeling overwhelmed. (even if you're extremely busy)

Part 3: What to avoid?

Understand the common mistakes people made when breaking and building new habits. Then learn how to avoid them effectively.

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