• Procrastination Workshop – The goal of this workshop is to share research-backed techniques and methods on mastering our behaviors, and really regain the ability to control our mind, to finally shave wasted hours and spend them on meaningful activities that improve your life, health, and relationship.
  • Skillshare Classes – Skillshare is an online education platform with classes taught by the world’s best practitioners. You can think of my weekly newsletter are here to deliver an idea or a concept, while my Skillshare classes take a more detailed and practical approach for what I share in some of my articles.
  • Guides – All-rounded, in-depth and specific guides that help you to improve your performance in your work and life.
  • Reading Notes – I summarize every single book I read, to a list of reading notes. Each summary starts with a short note from my personal point of view and followed by the key ideas and lessons from the book in tiny digestible bulleted format.