What Is Your Body Type? Hacks To Speed Up Your Fitness Growth

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If you are a gym goer, you might notice that some people look super ripped even their bench press weight is half of yours. And you must know someone who never got fat no matter how much and what he or she eats. Yea, we all have the same experience or maybe you are experiencing these yourself.

This comes to our genes. If you ask me why Crossfit champion Rich Froning looks so fit, I will say it’s his genetic advantages, regardless what sport he’s going to join, he is going to make a frame from there, because of this body type and genetic advantages that average people doesn’t have.


If you are new to fitness, you might need some time to understand this part. If you had read tons of articles about body type, you can skip to the next. I am going to cover three basic human body types in general here, which consist of Ectomorph, Mesomorph, and Endomorph.



Ectomorph – people with this body type usually tall and skinny, which is the people around you that can eat those junk foods that will make you fat but not them. They have narrow hips and clavicles, small joints, thin body build and long limb.

Mesomorph – if you are not too thin yet not huge in your bone structure, you probably are Mesomorph. People with this body type look kind of good if they have well-built muscle and low body fat. They usually have wide clavicles, narrow waist, and thinner joints.

Endomorph – I bet you meet someone with the first impression he or she is freaking strong and huge, and then he or she might carry the body type of Endomorph. People with this body type have a thick rib cage, thicker joints, wider hips and shorter limb.

Besides physical differences on these three body types, there are differences in how they react to training and diet too. Obviously, Ectomorph has the disadvantage of carrying too heavy weight and also difficult in gaining muscle while Endomorph tends to store fat easily.


I always suggest the same workout flow regardless what is your body type. You should always start with bodyweight workouts and routines first if you are new. The good thing of bodyweight workouts is that you can start even you are young without carrying the risk of weights in the gym to affect your growth.

Bodyweight workouts are usually compound movement and target multiple muscles and joints with inner stabilizing muscles skeleton group. You will benefit from this training no matter you are a beginner or an expert.

Another training method I highly recommended is strength training. Why? Basically the same with bodyweight workouts that strength training is all about compound movements with heavy weight, but this training method put more pressure on your muscle to activate more muscle size and strength growth. These two training methods are suitable for all three body types but what makes a difference is the cardio routine.


Cardio routine is a very important building block in every training that usually got overlook by people. It does train your stamina, endurance, and cardiovascular system. You can burn more fats with HIIT cardio training.

In term of training, people with Ectomorph body type should just do slow jog or walk, to preserve the energy for muscle growth. While Mesomorph and mix up regular running with HIIT run depends on energy level and body fat goal.

On the other hand, people with Endomorph body type should train more in HIIT cardio to lose more body fat or just to burn more energy from foods. A very simple HIIT cardio training example is speed interval training. You start with 40% of your best capacity (speed) on your running for 90 seconds, then speed up to 90% to 95% of your best capacity for 30 seconds, this considers as one set. Repeat this 5 to 6 sets and usually, it takes just 20 minutes. But this 20 minutes is killing.


When come to health and fitness, I can’t stop emphasis the important of our foods and diet. Always remember that what we eat make what we are. There is difference approach in diet for different body type but here are the 3 rules on diet for everyone:

  1. Always so for real food first, which mean pick the foods that you can see what they are. For example, pick orange instead of orange juice, tomato instead of tomato paste.
  2. No sugar. Yes, I am a little obese with this, no sugar at all. Try to avoid refined sugar as much as you can’t, I am not saying about carbs here, but sugar.
  3. Keep yourself hydrated. I don’t think I need an extra explanation for this.

You are going to see a huge change on your health and fitness level if you stick to the three rules above, but there are more, for you, for your specify body type on what food groups and categories to choose from, without calories calculating.

Ectomorph – 45% carbs, 30% protein, and 25 % fat. People with ectomorph usually have higher metabolism rate and there tolerate with carbohydrates well as the main fuel for energy.

Mesomorph – 35% carbs, 35% protein, and 30% fat. Mesomorph body type is designed to be a powerful machine in term of body structure and metabolism rate. Thus, people with this body type usually gain muscle and stay lean easily with balanced and good control of diet.

Endomorph – 20% carbs, 40% protein, and 40% fats. You might be confused that why Endomorph needs more fats while they tend to store fats easily. The truth is body fats usually convert from carbs especially refined one – sugar. Having higher good fats in diet will helps them to lose body faster.


It takes a long period to improve health and fitness level, and nothing great comes easy and fast. To make sure you can stick to it, make a plan and know your objectives clear.

Besides, I will strongly suggest you read more and make friends with the same goals or who had succeeded in the journey to equip yourself with the right knowledge and motivation to move forwards one step at a time.