Every few months, I conduct a live online workshop for my readers. They cover specific topics related to habit building, performance improvement, and behavioral psychology. The purpose of these workshops is to deliver in-depth ideas and techniques to help executives, writers, designers, and entrepreneurs in improving their performance in both work and life.

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habit hacking cover

Habit Hacking

Mastering the art of peak performance by hacking the power of small sustainable routines and habits using research based techniques.

productivity essentials cover

Productivity Essentials

Complete techniques and toolkit in managing your time, your energy, and your behavior to achieve breakthroughs in work and life.

confidence engineering cover

Confidence Engineering

Boost your productivity & performance by achieving complete self-awareness and redefine personal identity.


Procrastination Zero

Shave hours from your workweek, set your productivity on autopilot, and start doing what you said you want to do.