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Here’s how the 2-Minute Hack works:

If a task takes less than 2 minutes to get done, do it immediately. There’s no need to create a plan, add it to a to-do list, and schedule it on your calendar.

If a task requires over 2 minutes to complete, focus on the first 2 minutes of that task and ignore everything else. Here are a few examples:

  • To write a long-form blog post, the first 2 minutes is to write the first two sentences.
  • To read a book, the first 2 minutes is to read half of the page.
  • To edit a client’s video, the first 2 minutes it to launch Final Cut and upload the video footage.

Often, you’ll have no problem to keep working after the first two minutes.

Leave a comment and share how you will implement the 2-Minute Hack — and get the next email lesson after that.

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  • Ankush Prajapati

    By reading half page

  • Fredrick

    By getting started.

  • Jan

    If a task take less than 2 minuttes, I’ll complete it right away. In the future I’ll give be giving every task 2 minuttes and see what will happen.

    • Dean Yeong

      What are some tasks you can think of? It’d be great to make things slightly more specific — and that probably takes less than two minutes. 🙂

  • Sooraj

    By reading the short topic or by just reading five sentences of the topic if there is more to go.

    • Dean Yeong

      Good one, Sooraj! It’s a great way to start building the habit of reading.

  • Pinesh Menat

    By paying mobile bills

  • Tamil Selvan Kumar

    I’ve tried it. It works. Whatever the task is, just giving a little thought and consideration is the first step. But making it habit is my next goal.

    • Dean Yeong

      You’re right! Most tasks like reading a page of a book, taking the trash out, or making the bed don’t need a complicated decision-making process. For these tasks, thinking is essentially procrastinating.

      Good luck in making the 2-Minute Hack a habit!

  • Bamidele Femishola

    Sure, the first two minutes is a good strategy to get started on a particular task.

  • Darren

    Up until now I only applied the two minute rule to tasks that could be completed in that time. If I couldn’t complete it I would defer it totally. I’m going to see how working on the first two minutes of a longer task changes the way I work.

    • Dean Yeong

      Awesome! Let me know what you find and learn after giving it a try.

  • Lee Meng Keong

    Break it into smaller tasks and let’s do it

    • Dean Yeong

      Nice! What are some of the bigger tasks/goals you’re trying to breakdown? It’s always more effective when we’re being specific.

  • Aru

    Write down half a page . That’s the trick to get going.👍

  • Hien

    Start small. Doing something more than 2 minutes than the day before in building habits. Start small and build up the momentum for finishing the project.

  • Chun

    When reading/reviewing documents, start the half page of the first page.

  • Adrian

    Wake up and start your day by 2 minutes tidy up my bed

  • Girma

    This is a powerful insight to save time. From now on wards, I will handle issues immediately as far as they could be completed within about two minutes.

    For all other issues, getting started slowly, devoting at least two minutes at a time towards start up, is supposed to make a big difference. I will surely test.

  • Suresh

    Warm up for two minutes…

  • John

    I’m using this for processing my inbox.

    • Dean Yeong

      Brilliant! I can totally get you on this. Have been using the 2-minute rule for my inbox for a while and it feels great!

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