Give Yourself 2 Minutes

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Here’s how the 2-Minute Hack works:

If a task takes less than 2 minutes to get done, do it immediately. There’s no need to create a plan, add it to a to-do list, and schedule it on your calendar.

If a task requires over 2 minutes to complete, focus on the first 2 minutes of that task and ignore everything else. Here are a few examples:

  • To write a long-form blog post, the first 2 minutes is to write the first two sentences.
  • To read a book, the first 2 minutes is to read half of the page.
  • To edit a client’s video, the first 2 minutes it to launch Final Cut and upload the video footage.

Often, you’ll have no problem to keep working after the first two minutes.

Leave a comment and share how you will implement the 2-Minute Hack — and get the next email lesson after that.

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  • Ankush Prajapati

    By reading half page

  • Fredrick

    By getting started.

  • Jan

    If a task take less than 2 minuttes, I’ll complete it right away. In the future I’ll give be giving every task 2 minuttes and see what will happen.

  • Sooraj

    By reading the short topic or by just reading five sentences of the topic if there is more to go.

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