Build your second brain

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Building your second brain is an enormous task. You’ll need to to:

  • Learn the skills and techniques of note-taking
  • Build the systems and processes on how you connect information with high-level strategies and daily activities.
  • Create a habit on implementing the systems and processes

If you have never done that before, it could be overwhelming. So here’s what I recommend you do instead.

Step 1: Go to your favorite note-taking app (it could be iOS Notes, Notion, Evernote, or any other apps that you find useful).

Step 2: Create a new folder or page and name it Quick Capture.

Step 3: As you go through the day, there will be thoughts and ideas (they could be both good and bad) come into mind. Instead of getting distracted, take a single minute to jot them down on your Quick Capture page.

Step 4: At the end of a day (or a week), schedule the time to sit down and review these thought nuggets. You can then add them to a good idea list, remove them, delegate it to someone else, or add it into your to-do list.

Let’s act on this immediately.

What thoughts and ideas do you have in mind? What do you need to get done now or later today? What do you most excited or worried about? How do you feel now?

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  • Ankush

    I’m excited to do this. So happy to learn a new thing. Thanks!

  • Ivan

    I currently use Roam Research as my Personal Knowledge Management system. However, the Quick Capture function on my mobile browser is sub-optimal due to its slow loading speed which creates some friction. Am eagerly waiting for a Roam iOS app!

    • Dean Yeong

      Hey Ivan, glad to hear that. I’m currently using Roam as well. Agreed with you on Roam iOS app.

  • Femi

    I like your mail you are the best. Thanks

  • Temesgen

    That is great concept. Thank you.

    Sometimes Ideas are like river in my mind and after some seconds or minutes my mind is like white paper nothing in it. So I started to write on my phone note taking app. As you said, once a week I review them and add some ather thoughts. Now I have a lot written ideas.

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