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With Pareto Principle, you can greatly maximize your output by focusing on less. Here’s how you do it:

Step 1: Self-analysis

On a piece of paper, jot down how you spend your time — the project you have at hand, the specific tasks you do every day, and the coworkers and clients you work with.

And then, make a list of the results and obstacles you have.

Step 2: Identify the 20%

After gaining a clearer picture of the activities and results, connect the dots to link those (good or bad) results to the source of activities.

Step 3: Trim the fat

What to do next is obvious.

Eliminate (or at least trim down) activities that create more problems in your life and double down on activities that lead to 80% of the positive outcomes.

I want to hear more from you. What’s the 20% you’d focus on? And why? What are the 20% you’d eliminate? And why?

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