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  • Heislyc

    I really need a system to help me stay productive without missing out priorities, I tend to over commit.

    • Dean Yeong

      Welcome! Indeed, it’s easy to over commit. Feel free reach out anytime when you have questions with any lesson in the course.

  • Fredrick

    I need to maximize my potentials. Live a fulfilling life.

  • Kartik Bhardwaj

    I am productive at some days but on some other days I deviate a lot and I feel guilty. I want to know the right method to work. I feel I overwork myself which leads to drainage and distraction.

  • Naveen

    I need to improve my way of life

  • Sooraj

    I need to improve my productivity and way of approach to the tasks. I’m distracted even by very small things when I working on something.

  • Ramon

    I want to optimize my work and training times.

  • Pavan

    I get out of focus when i do the work. The work that can be done in 8 hours is taking 5 days as i am not able to focus on work.

    • Dean Yeong

      I feel you, Pavan. In fact, one of the lesson in this email course is exactly about that. Enjoy!

  • Henry Guzmán

    To use mental models to create alternative narrative methods.

  • Pinesh Menat

    Being a software developer, I see thousands of new stuff technology, code libraries, platforms for development etc. and I feel I am lagging in everything. This in turn changes my mood and affects my present a lot.

    • Dean Yeong

      Good to hear from you, Pinesh. It’s common to feel that way. I believe the lesson on how to focus on the things that matter most will help you a great deal.

  • Tamil

    To find a way to improve my productivity and performance. The major hurdle I face in my life is procrastination and I have lost a lot. If I can improve a little bit from what I have been yesterday, it would be a great accomplishment

  • Pete

    Time seems to disappear. I set out priorities at the start of the day, but then BOOM 3 hours has passed and I can’t really say I’ve got anything done.

  • Sam

    I am currently in my dark moment…. exploring any methods to get out and triumph from the dark power

  • Darren

    To find a consistent way to be productive.

    • Dean Yeong

      Glad to hear that! Hope you find what you’re looking for here.

  • Hien

    I need a system for chaos life. I’m trying to figure out how to think and how to live better.

  • Joanan

    I need to get things done fast and prioritize what is important to me

  • Bryan

    Learning more copywriting.

  • Chun

    Need to find ways to be productive and also optimize the way on how I do things.

  • Janhavi Pandey

    I am a working professional and due this covid pandemic I am not able to do justice to my personal and professional life.. And I can’t stick to my plan.. For 2-3 day I m productive then after that I lose motivation and then I start procrastination.. I want to overcome from that.

    • Dean Yeong

      Hey Janhavi, thanks for sharing your story. I’m sure the coming lessons will help with your challenges!

  • Orah

    I tend to get distracted from my goals quite often. I would love a system that will help me to remain focus. Also I don’t welcome challenges which I know is needed in order to grow so I need help in that area as well.

  • Mukesh

    1. Why – Knowledge is something which never gets wasted – and add it with your experience it becomes wisdom.
    2. what’s your – knowldege & Direction that will lead me to Excel in everything i do.
    3. What do – Infinite are the riches of the universe – would like to be more productive in terms of Relations, Success, Good health , Prosperity

  • Amber

    I’m interested in the tip for procrastination.

  • Adrian

    I have so many idea to do in my mind but I can’t decide which one should i prioritize most

  • Gilbert pro

    I’m retired need motivation to work

  • Suresh

    I want to maximize my productivity and want to improve quality of my life.

  • Amit

    I have many mental biases which I need to overcome. Also, I want to be mentally tougher in tough situations.

  • Mohamed Faiz

    I need to get out from my comfort zone, laziness and procrastination.

  • John

    I really need a system to beat procrastination!

  • Julia

    Just want to improve my life

  • Temesge

    I am here to get tools that leads me to be my greatest version of my self.

  • Krishna

    Prioritization, concentration, and time-management are my biggest stumbling blocks.

  • Kanekal

    I would like to work on my mental ability to focus and improve my concentration and I want to break the mental blocks in my brain and I want to take a good decisions in future and I want to be an entrepreneur .

  • Melissa

    I didn’t know this is where I would end up but I began by searching for the story of that what you feed the most will grow and who knows where this will lead

  • Charles

    Improve efficiency, more orderly thinking, less procrastinating, helping more people.

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