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Your environment matters — and it matters more than you think. It shapes your mental states, your behaviors, and ultimately your performance.

As a knowledge worker, here are two ways you can approach it:

1. Your physical environment.

Where do you work? Is your seat comfortable? Who’s around?

2. Your digital environment.

How many tabs have you opened? Where do you jot down ideas quickly? What do you do first thing first when you turn on your computer?

Ask yourself these questions and review them.

Eliminate and change what hinder you from performing your best — and create a winning environment for yourself.

Comment below to share how you’ll redesign your environment.

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  • Femi

    I am going to be mindful of Trigger. If I am able to kill bad habit trigger I will be fine. Thanks

    • Dean Yeong

      Thanks for sharing, Femi. What are some bad habits you’re trying to break? And how are you going to be mindful of the triggers?

  • Temesgen

    One time, I was so upset about how things are going in my life. I spent the whole day thinking about what I can do to chamge things in my life. The next day at morning an idea clicks my mind, that is arranging my home in a different and attractive way. Then I did it. After that day When I enter to my home I feel different and get inspired to do things.

    The way my books seats on shelf triggers me to read.

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