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2016 Resolution: Live Consciously With Urgency

It’s a brand new year again. If you’re 34 yo this year, this might be your 31st new year celebration consciously, assuming that we all know nothing during the first 3 years of our life. 31 December is the day with lots of emotions and love, and first two days of the year are filled with motivation.

Of course, me too. 2015 is such an interesting year for me. Many ups and downs, experiences, lessons, and lots of learning.

But what I noticed in the last few days of 2015 and the first few days of 2016 is that everyone started to make a review for the past year, express gratitude to somebody else, and everyone starts to plan for their new year resolution.

I’m sure you had done a review for past year too, what you had achieved, experienced, and what you had planned but haven’t started to execute yet. And you might already plan for the goals you’re going to achieve in this new year. It might be a plan to increase your income, start saving, loss some weight, life healthy, nurture a better relationship.

The interesting part that caught my attention is the emotion and energy level happened within myself and many others. Some said they survive another year, some said they strive in the past year. And some said time fly without they even noticed.


We make decisions every moment, even we’re doing nothing, we made a decision to do nothing. 2015 is a year full of decision making for me, and I’m making those decisions consciously.

There are people who think this is not important at all, to spend so much energy, time and willpower to decide every moment of your day. But one ofthe greatest benefits of making decisions consciously and consistently is that you will feel the least regret with results and events that happened.

Just because we know we had made the decision, and that our choice.
You will have no-one to blame. You will be certain that you’re in control. Even we’re not, we take the responsibility.

I believe this is such a huge power and it’s going to change our life totally. By living every day consciously, we’re taking the responsibilities of every event into ourselves without excuses. By that, we will automatically work smarter and hardly. And having faith to everything we do.

Some may argue that this will increase their stress level and make things seem more difficult but I will said it’s not. Making decisions consciously don’t mean to live your life stressfully. There are two totally different things.

Decision making is much greater than emotion, although emotions will affect the decision you make. Let’s think about it… For example, something bad happened and you are feeling sad, stop for a moment and try to fake a smile, then decide you are going to be happy. See that? You can decide to feel good first.

So, look at your goals now, whether it’s making more money, lose weight or save more; believe you’re going to achieve them, and decide you’re going to do something even it’s a tiny step to move closer to your goals.

Besides, decide to achieve them in a positive emotional state. Decide to smile, decide to play more, and have fun along the way. That’s what I mean to live consciously.


I picked up a book called “12 Week Year” in a bookstore, browsed through it but didn’t buy it yet because there are a few books I have in my list already.

But a small read in the first few pages make so much sense to me, I definitely feel it’s happening within myself and people around me, which is the power of desire and urgency.

The research found that most companies perform the best during the last two months of the year, some are not just better but triple in term of revenue and performance compared to the first 10 months added up.

Why? Because the year is going to end. Although no one actually put a due date on any task, but you will still have the feeling to complete something before 31st of December.

Run a few more miles, paying off debts or rushing off your side projects.

And it feels so different for December compared to another 11 months of the year too. We show more love, we work harder (some become much lazier), we either feel much motivated or a little depressed. There is always a huge emotional shift during the last month of a year. That’s happened for the first month of a year too.

So, what about the book “12 Week Year”, it stated that the emotions we have during the beginning of the year (motivation, drive, desire) and end of a year (urgency) are very powerful. The sad part is, we only feel them and use them in January and December.

What if we do this all the time? How much can we perform and achieve if we’re using this powerful emotional state?

I haven’t read the book yet, but I got the idea and I’m going to give it a try. To make 12 weeks feel like 12 months, to use the hunger and urgency to complete more. If it works, my 2016 is going to feel like 4 years!


I’m planning a 12 weeks schedule to live every day consciously, not just working consciously but it included having fun consciously. There are so many more I didn’t cover here in this article. Understand your emotions and finding the balance is very important if you’re going to do the above.

Have urgency in your life may stress you up, but always make a decision to live happily. My goals for this “12 week year”?

  1. Uplift my coffee business
  2. Read more and share more
  3. Master body movement
  4. Cut down my body fat

And have more fun in 12 weeks compared to the last 12 months!

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