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The 6 Core Pillars of The Monday Digest Community

This is the 18th week that this website gone active again after a long break. Seriously, I have no idea how far we could come when I get back to writing, managing this blog and building this community. My initial plan is stupidly simple – to publish one article a week, and see how far it leads me.

And suddenly, here we are – connected in this tiny community, that strives to become a better individual. I have big plans for weeks to come, but underlying all of these ideas is a common set of visions and beliefs. I fairly enjoy sharing some of my thoughts and lessons learned from books, friends, mentors, and personal experience to a small group of people.

One of the biggest goals for this website is to amplify the success of every individual in this community who share the same visions and beliefs. And here are the 6 core pillars that drive this community forward. If you believe in these ideas like we do, you’re going to love it here.

1. We strive to set a higher standard, even if the world around you settles for average

We don’t achieve what we want, we achieve what we tolerant.

That’s such a powerful quote by Anthony Robbins.

This is so true when you apply in any area of your life. When you set a higher standard for something, you will achieve it, simply because you don’t tolerant for anything less. Besides, every remarkable person who had done great impact to the world never wait for permission to live a remarkable life.

So as you, it doesn’t matter if the world around you settles for the average because you don’t need permission from them to achieve more. Always strive to set a higher standard so you can achieve biggest goals in life.

2. We take our happiness and health seriously because they are the foundation of all great work and a remarkable life

You can have all the resources – money, network, knowledge – in this world but not living anything near to a decent life. If you are not happy and healthy, none of that matter. A life will seem too long to live if you’re not happy, and it’s too short if you’re not healthy.

Thus, we always spend the time to understand our emotions and learn to manage it. At the same time, we never compromise our health with external things that don’t last. Without them, it’s close to impossible for you to create great work that uplifts your world – your family, friends, circle and every person around you.

3. We believe that it doesn’t matter where you start, as long as you get started

We don’t care where you are coming from, we are ready to push you forward regardless how low or how high you are at this point. Want to start a blog but know nothing about blogging? Then start writing, email me if you need help. Overweight and want to get healthy? You’re in the right place. Not knowing where to go and keep procrastinating on work? Sure, we can definitely help!

In this community, we share one thing in common: the desire to become a better person in many areas of life – to deliver better work, to raise the bar in their health, to nurture a better relationship.

But that is not going to happen if you’re stagnant. You’re going nowhere if you keep waiting for the perfect conditions and timing to start. Instead, get started now!

4. We believe anything can be achieved with tiny actions and consistency

To raise the standard and working to become a better person, some changes are required. It can be as big as writing a 3 bestselling books or building a full-stack multipurpose WordPress theme, or as small as connect with an old friend per month.

What you can’t ignore is that we need to take action, even how small it is. Most people are overwhelmed with the work they need to complete and the sacrifice they need to make in order to achieve those changes in their life.

But we truly believe that it doesn’t matter how big or small your actions are, with consistency, you will get there. Be consistent with your output after you start a new project or plan, because anything can be achieved with consistency.

5. We believe by strive on becoming a better individual, we will be able to uplift the world

This might be a bold statement, but we truly stand firm on it. By pushing ourselves to be a better individual, we’re going to create a better world as a whole with our collective improvements.

We never underestimate the even tiniest impact. Because when you get better, the same will happen to your closest one – your spouse, your children, your friends, and your own community.

In this community, you’re not alone, we are your teammate. Together, we can move the world.

6. We contribute because your success can only be as big as your willingness to give

The more you give, the more you receive. After years of studying successful people, I see a common thread on every one of them, from actors, athletes, writers, designers to entrepreneur, they put their focus on how much and how well they can serve others. They support their team, their employees, their community, and their customers – impact others’ life for the better.

With that said, as a part of this community, we focus on serving others, which that’s going to transform us to the better directly.

. . .

Congrats if you’re reading this in your inbox because you’re already a part of us. But for you who are still outside the fence, I like to invite you to join this community (my newsletter) if you share the same visions and beliefs with us.

We are a community from all walks of life with different background and culture from every corner of the globe. But our visions and beliefs will always guide us what to do and how we do it, in achieving a simple goal – to master the art of becoming better.

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  • Andrew Chawota

    I am comfortable with the 6 core pillars of Monday Digest;
    I am 65 years old and work as a business development consultant for IT solutions. I am married and have 4 children. I am a citizen of Zimbabwe residing in Chitungwiza which is 20 kilometres from the capital City, Harare where I work. I studied sociology in my earlier life but never got certification for it. I am sure you will get to know me better as we share.

    • Cool! Glad to get in touch with you via this magical channel called the Internet. And welcome to the Monday Digest!

  • geetika

    Sir, iam not acheive even single target in my life and now iam in position i loose everythink that why i join monday digest every time i ask my self what i did in my self i nevr do wrong think still iam suffering

  • Amma Bissiu

    Thank you so much. I followed you on quora days ago and I have benefited from most of your answers. I would like to be a part of this community.

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