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8 Wisdom Nuggets that Will Change Your Life Forever

This might be the shortest piece I ever have on my blog and in this newsletter.

Here are why:

  • I’m spending more time on finishing up my Focus Workshop.
  • I have a queue for longer, in-depth article, but I’m not well prepared enough to make them good enough to publish now.

However, a shorter article isn’t necessarily a less valuable one. A reader once emailed me saying that he prefers brevity in my work.

This article will be the piece you can finish in 2 minutes, touches you lightly on the right spot, and leave.

You move on with your life with something—hopefully helpful—lingering in your mind.

These are a few wisdom nuggets I made for myself. I believe that no matter what happens around me, I’ll be okay if I live by them.

1. Choose your response. You can’t control your life outcomes, but you can control how you react to them. And your reactions dictate how you feel about yourself and see the world.

2. Always be learning—read, listen, and observe. I firmly believe that by the time we stop learning, it’s time we die. There is no excuse not to learn with the ease of access to broad ranges of information today.

3. Plan tomorrow’s work today. Don’t think about what to do today today. Make it a habit to plan your work in advanced. It helps you to gain better clarity and build better structure for your day.

4. Be patient. Everything—especially great thing— in life takes time.

5. You’re the average of the five people around you. Our environment shapes us, and a significant portion of our environment is the people spend the most time with. Make friends and hang out with wiser and smarter people, you will slowly pick up their ideas, behaviors, and habits to get to where you want to be.

6. Work hard while waiting. While you’re waiting for opportunities, work hard and be prepared. Great opportunities may come anytime, and the last thing you want is that you don’t have the capacity to grab it.

7. Always show appreciation. Not all people crave for money, but almost every single one of us crave for recognition. When people are kind to you, express your gratitude and always remember to reciprocate.

8. I can think, I can wait, I can fast. I can think means having good rules for decision-making, and the abilities to ask yourself and others good questions. I can wait stands for patience, the ability to plan long-term and play the long game. I can fast stand for being able to withstand difficulties and disasters; it means training your resilience to face the adversities and challenges on the road to greatness.

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  • Neha agrawal

    These 8 nuggets are really good. I totally agree with you Dean. I have already incorporated motivation I always get from you. Thanks Dean.

    • You’re welcome Neha! I’m glad to know my words leave an positive impact on you in any way.

  • About Creativity

    Live as if you were to die tommorrow, learn as if you were going to live forever. Mahatma Gandi.
    Thanks Dean!

    • Dean Yeong

      Thanks for the quote 🙂

      • About Creativity

        Have you seen his quote before?

  • Ram Prasadh

    Thanks for this awesome post. Motivation is the first key to do bold attempts. so keep going with such motivational post too. Really grateful to you. Short & sweet it was.

    • Thanks Ram! As for writing, I’m still exploring and learning. Happy it turns out awesome for you.

  • Hadi uz Zaman

    Selection of number of 1 item is very interesting. I like it………Responding in a right or wrong way to a situation can have long lasting impact.

  • Rumbidzai

    Thanks Dean for sharing. These truly are wisdom nuggets!

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