I’m very easy to get in touch with. I check my own emails daily and answer them twice a week. You can reach me at me@deanyeong.com or on Twitter @DeanYeong.

Social Media Profiles

Besides publishing weekly articles on this blog, I’m on a few social media platforms – to connect and to share my work.

  • Facebook: I post blog updates on my Facebook page. Besides, I do have plans to run a few Facebook Live to discuss a few things on the same topics with this blog in the near future.
  • Twitter: This is the best way for you to reach me if you’re looking for a quick (and short) reply. I promise, you will definitely get a reply from me if you’re tweeting me on Twitter.
  • Quora: I answer some questions there, and most of them are not on this blog. If you like to read my content in a different context and perspectives, Quora is the place to go.
  • LinkedIn: I’m not an active user there, and still looking for ways to improve my LinkedIn profile. Let me know if you’re a LinkedIn expert.