First of all, congrats!

You’re now one of the early students of the Focus Workshop.

I’m not sure how many students there will be in this opening. But since this is a private prelaunch, I assumed there are only a couple of you here. Which is a good thing because my goal here is not to have every Tom, Dick, and Harry here.

Instead, I’m here to deliver my best to YOU.

Focus Workshop Prelaunch

As a recap, the Focus Workshop is everything you need to know in mastering your focus. In this workshop, I will show you:

  • The (basic) science behind focus and why is it so difficult for us to achieve it.
  • A system that helps you develop the foundation for improved focus which you can refer to over and over.
  • A toolkit practiced by many top performers and high achievers that you can use to pinpoint a particular issue, or improve a specific area to maximize focus.

At the end of the Focus Workshop, you will be equipped with the right mindset and strategies to master your attention, improve your productivity, and boost your performance.

Here is what I didn’t tell you in the previous emails.

To make the course better for you (and everyone else here), I want you to be a part of the course production. I want to fill the course materials with more real-life frustrations you’re facing, and show you how to overcome them.

Fill up this short 3-question survey to make Focus Workshop better

Course Timeline & Contact Info

The course is in the process of production right now. It will be ready in mid-August for you (you’ll be notified via email) and undergo the first beta launch in October.

To contact me for any concern and question about the workshop, email me via