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This course was created to help you improve the ability to get focused and stay focused. It’s going to show you how to shift yourself from the state of distraction to the state of full engagement in both work and life.

It was designed to cover everything you need to know instead of everything you can get to know. So you can equip yourself with only the proven tools and implement them immediately.

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A quick introduction to the workshop, course outline, and things you need to make the best out of this. Plus, how focus works.


Find yourself all over the place? Busy rushing off endless tasks yet not feeling productive? Master the skill of managing your energy to optimize your output.


You become what you consume. Manage the behavior triggers around you to overcome procrastination and distractions. Then curate empowering stimulus that helps you grow.


It’s not your fault to lack focus. Learn how to navigate your embedded behavior that always goes against your will and create an environment that makes getting focus easier.


Now you’ve learned all the core elements of focus. It’s time to discover how they work together and implement to see the results you’ve always wanted.


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This is the first version of the Focus Workshop. This basically means I’m going to update the course regularly for you and future students.

Here are the two primary goals:

  1. Improve the course content, so they deliver more accurate and helpful information that help you achieve your goals.
  2. Improve the course delivery to enhance student’s learning experience to get better and faster results that last.

The best way for you to be a part of the process is to complete the course, implement everything in here, and share your progress with me.

You can also read the course update roadmap and leave a feedback after completing the course.