Focus Workshop Course Update Roadmap

The current version of Focus Workshop is not the final product. It’s a product I’ll be working on for a while—to make it better for you and future student. This means you get all of these updates for free. (Shhh…)

Below is a list of update items I have in mind right now:

  • Create an article-based summary for each chapter to replace the transcript.
  • Allow students to download the transcripts.
  • Package the summaries (mentioned above) into PDF for students to download.
  • Create PDF worksheets for strategies and techniques that come with assignments.
  • BONUS: Answer student’s questions via video recording. (Please email me via if you need any assistance or fill up the feedback survey here)
  • Add necessary course content after collecting and reviewing student’s real-life case studies.
  • Write an ebook for the course.
  • Move the entire course to a well-integrated online course platform to enhance student experiences.
  • Break each chapter down into shorter videos and expand each strategy and technique with greater details.
  • Improve my presentation skills and speak in front of the camera with interactive video editing instead of showing slides.
  • Develop course layout that promotes higher engagement and encourages students to actually complete the course assignments in the new course platform.