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Increase Difficulty Level of Push-up by Varying Your Grip Width

One of the best bodyweight workouts will be push-up. You can say it’s a workout for your chest, but it’s more than that. Push-ups train not just train your chest, but your triceps, shoulder, back, and core. It’s an essential workout to include into you push day.

push-up positions

Here is how to perform a full push-up. Have your hand palm on the floor at your shoulder width, get into a straight-arm plank position with a straight body. Make sure your body is straight here, without lifting or sinking your glutes too much.

Next, bend your elbow backward in order to get into the lower push-up position. Remember not to flare your elbow out in the process. Always bring your elbow close to your body and point to the back.

Then, push your body back up by straightening your arm to get back into the straight arm plank position as one rep.


This is one of the frequent questions people ask when come to perform a push-up. I will suggest you use the basketball or baseball method. Use basketball if you’re performing a half push-up (before you can go for a full rep), while use baseball when you’re performing a full push-up.

Place the basketball or baseball under your chest when you’re at the starting position of the push-up. Then, perform the movement as mentioned above. Lower your body until you touch the ball and get back up.

But remember, never lean on the ball, push your body back up once your body contact with the ball. How to measure this? I will suggest you use the kiss-a-baby-chic technique. Imagine you are kissing a baby chic softly so you will not hurt him or her.

That’s the force you should apply and feel on the basketball and baseball during the push-up movement! Push yourself back up once you feel that amount of pressure on your chest with the ball.


One of the best ways to vary your push-up in order to target a different part of your chest and adjust the difficulty level of the movement is by adjusting the width of your palm position.

Diamond push-up width

– Dimond push-ups: this push-up width put more pressure on your triceps. Besides, this will create a much intense sensation of the inner part of your chest (the sternum area).

Closed push-up width

– Close grip push-ups: Close grip push-up is an easier version for you before you work your way to diamond push-up. The same with diamond push-up, it stresses your triceps and inner chest more when compared with regular shoulder width push-up.

Wide push-up width

– Wide grip push-ups: Wide grip push-up increases the difficulty level by a tremendous amount. You will need to have better strength in your chest and core to perform this push-up variation. Besides, wide grip push-up puts more pressure on your outer pec tendon and your shoulder.


Again, push-ups are a great workout to train your chest and I consider it as one of the best overall bodyweight workouts.

Although push-up considers as a safer workout compares to other more advanced bodyweight workouts. There is one safety tip you need to take better caution on – always warm up your wrist and shoulder before you perform any type of push-up (and any push workout) because as you progress, push-up put huge pressure on your wrist and shoulder.

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