Look At Life As A Whole And Start Small

By Dean Yeong on April 20, 2015

Most of the time, we knew what we need to do. And we always have an idea what we should do, but we just don’t do it. It might be doing small savings, working out, preparing your own meal, or making one more sales call.

We feel good for not doing them (what we should OR what we promise ourselves to) for a very short moment, then we usually feel really bad after that. It got even worse if we have multiple roles in life (yes, we all do) when you feel like you got nothing done.

Life is the Mixture of Everything

The reason why this happens always is that we tend to look at certain event individually. For example, we prepare our own meals or watch our diet to get healthier. And we used to look at immediate rewards, such as workout to build great shape and make an extra sales call to make one more sale.

This makes us got demotivated easily by not having the main purpose and not looking at the long-term rewards. It makes us get distracted easily too.

The worst part is one single bad habit usually lead to the next one even they are not directly related. You might not notice that but failed to prepare a meal that you plan to might switch your mood around for everything throughout the day.

It makes you feel a little lazy to workout, and maybe cause you to watch some meaningless TV show for 2 extra hours and makes you sleep late. Without you even notice, you might miss your meditation the next day and tell yourself it’s okay, and have a less productive day at work. At the end, it builds up a cycle and multiple bad habits.

How to Break the Cycle

It’s hard to handle all the stress and guiltiness at the end of a week or a month when you notice you are not getting anything done. And this builds a negative impact to start a new week or month, and it never ends.

Let’s admit it, we all have multiple roles in life – a father, a husband, an employer and more. It’s too much to take something when you look at all the thing you should do. But there is a simpler approach to fix this.

Just like how bad cycle forms, good cycle form in the same way. It starts with one simple act of completing something, feels the fulfillment and carries it on to the next thing. It happens naturally without you force it.

So, if you feel like you have too many commitments you need to but haven’t complete, take it easy. Never try to think about how to start cleaning your room, how to bring in more sales, how to be fitter all at the same time.

Look at one thing, just one thing that you can do now, ignore everything else and do it immediately.

Look at Life as a Whole

You will be amazed at how everything started to turn up when you start to complete things one by one. You might miss once in a while, the key is never feel bad and keep moving forward.

And the most important part is to look at life as a whole. Everything we do in our life is directly related. Working out not just helps you to get healthier but to improve your productivity level and so increase your income.

With these, you can fix everything seems wrong in life.

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