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Master Your Body Movement Part 2: The Big Six

In the past article, I wrote about the importance of mastering your body movement first before lifting external weights. Read it here to know more about the benefits to train with your own bodyweight.

To continue the article, I’m going to share with you the 6 core bodyweight movements everyone should master first to progress to more advanced level.

With these 6 core movements, you can plan and structure a full body workout routine to improve your mobility, strength, and endurance. This is the very foundation of peak body fitness.


Push-up trains your chest, shoulder, triceps, core, and even back at the same time. It’s the master of all push movement you need to master. Of course, there are better, next level movement for this. But yes, it’s next level stuff.


In the other hand, the pull-up is the master of all pull movement. Pull-up training your upper back, shoulder, biceps and core. That’s why we don’t have biceps curl in bodyweight workout. It’s one of the hardest movements for beginners in bodyweight training.


Yes, this is difficult and advance. Handstand pushup is a movement that put more focus on your shoulder. How much are you doing for the overhead press? 40kg? Imagine you are pressing your whole bodyweight. But this movement doesn’t just stress your shoulder muscle group, handstand pushup activates our stabilizing core muscle that we seldom use.


No weights, just bodyweight squat. It might sound easy, but it’s a long journey for me to get it right in perfect form. It’s one very important movement to train your entire legs from glutes to hamstrings. Of course, there are more variations on this movement to bring leg workout to the next level.


There are two master movements for your abs, sit-up, and leg raise. I know there are many pieces of information out there tell you to never do a sit-up in your life again. Yes, they are right. You can’t do sit-up only and expect 6-packs abs. But compare to crunches (a movement focus solely on the contraction of the upper abdominals), sit-up has a fuller range of motion.

But let’s forget about sit-up for now, because there is a better movement for abs, which is leg raise. Leg raise train the whole abs from the upper portion to a very low of it compare to sit-up. Besides, you can increase the intensity of leg raise by changing your position from lying to hanging which you can’t do this with sit-up.


The last workout I strongly emphasize on is the bridge. People are just ignoring it because it doesn’t look that cool than others movement, it doesn’t provide you the pump that everyone is craving for. But why bridge?

Bridge is the best movement to train your lower back, it strengthen your entire core and stabilizing muscle group. A strong core is going to set up a very good foundation for the lifelong fitness journey.


Here are the 6 core basic movement you need to master in bodyweight training. You still think it’s too little or confused to make up a training routine? I bet you are.

Like I said, these are the core basic movements. With these core movements, we can then branch our multiple variations for each movement according to one’s fitness level, mobility, and ability.

Just two quick example: Before you are able to perform a perfect pull-up, you are going to perform the horizontal row. In the other hand, you will need to master pike pushup, before you proceed to handstand pushup.

Currently working on my first e-book to demonstrate how to perform these basic bodyweight movements progressively. Leave a comment below if you’re interested in getting one of it when it’s completed. Cheers!

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  • Sandeep

    Hey buddy,
    I like your article & I’d love to get your book which explains core 6 excercises.
    Thank you,

    • Dean Yeong

      Hi, thanks for your reply man. Unfortunately, I didn’t make that e-book happens. It’s still on my to-do list, but not so soon. Will update you on that when it’s ready 🙂

  • Zee

    Good stuff this reminds me of a book called the convict conditioning by Paul wade good stuff.

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