What Does It Means To Feel “Stuck”

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Stuck. An emotion and feeling that knocking on the door of my head much frequent this week. Sometimes it might take 10 seconds for me to find my way out, but sometimes, I will stay in the “stuck” state for more than 3 hours.

So, What is That?

It got my attention recently when this emotion affected me so much in the past months. Grab away my good time and energy to work, or even just to rest and relax.

Remember, you’re not resting when you’re feeling stuck. It does consume energy, brain power and you certainly know that you’re not feeling good.

I will generalize the feeling of “stuck” into most negative emotion — upset, disappointment, anger, depress, and helpless. But the best definition for this particular emotion will be the last one — feeling helplessness.

It’s kinda the worse emotion you will have, usually after going trough disappointment, anger and other negative emotions.

For example, you’re feeling disappointed with your fitness progress (which is something I used to feel a lot), then you’re feeling stuck that despite all you’ve done, you will never get fit.

This might happen in other areas of our life too such as relationship and business. Regardless how hard we try, he/she will never accept me. No matter what I do, no one is buying my product or service.

A Better Approach

This is seriously harmful with the statements we made based on the situation. The more we repeat them, the more dangerous it will be. We might inherit them as a belief one day without we even notice.

But, how to not do so?

By understand a better concept about feeling “stuck”.

Remember that every time you’re feeling stuck, you’re actually feeling helpless at that particular time frame. It may be the past, present or the future.

Usually, we tend to feel stuck for things that happened in the past, or when we don’t get expected results in the present. But again, there are 3 different time frame here.

By understanding this concept, you’re free to shift your time frame in order to shift yourself out from the feeling of stuck.

I started to train my body with bodyweight and gymnastic workout 2 months ago (I used to do powerlifting before). Obviously, it is going to be a long process for me to see good results, for me to perform some advanced movements.

But as a creature of emotions, I tend to feel disappointed and stuck for the kinda slow progress. That kills my motivation, drive, momentum, and focus. What do I really feel?

I was stuck with the present. I blind my eyes with the present, and ignore the possible future, and forget about the past (how far I come from being weak to the present). By this simple shift of thought, I can quickly get out from the devastating emotional state.

Let’s imagine about something you’re feeling helpless at the moment. Try this exercise to shift your time frame, from the present to the past or the future.

“My business never grow… (present)” to

“If I keep hustling, my business will flourish…” and take a deeper look into the possibilities.

Kill The Moster When It’s Small

Why I was able to get out from the negative emotional state in 5 seconds but sometimes it last for 3 hours? I’m not 100% sure why, but sometimes it’s because I didn’t take immediate action to break myself from the negative emotional state.

You will need to pay close attention to them, to your negative emotions. Understand them, they are not bad, they are a good signal for you to either change your state or change your action.

But how to break free from them? To get out from disappointment before you go too far into feeling stuck?

I personally use this tactic a lot.

Do something opposite. Move in the opposite way.

How is your facial expression when you’re angry? How is your body move when you’re feeling upset? How about joy? happiness?

Our emotions create movement. But the truth is that our movements lead to our emotion too, and that’s proven by scientific research.

Feeling upset? Smile, laugh! Feeling angry? Jump, sing out loud! Feeling stuck? Dance, laugh out really loud. These movements don’t just bring you out from the negative emotional state, they break the negative patterns, and bring joy into your life.

Maybe a good laugh at your silly movement. Without you even notice, you’re out from feeling stuck.

Dean Yeong

Writer. Reader. Lifting weights & drinking coffee.