Perspectives of A Year

By Dean Yeong on August 22, 2016

A Year As 100%

A year for a 1-year-old baby is 100% of his life. He knows nothing yet.


A year is the beginning, and literally everything.

A Year As 10%

A year for a 10 years old girl is 10% of her life. She is still a kid, she has basic needs, but she has very little control over her own life. Most things have only two sides for her, everything is either good or bad, black or white, and pain and pleasure. She has much to learn, to slowly cope up with the environment she is living in.


A year is a long time of self-discovery.

A Year As 5%

A year for a 20 years old adult is 5% of his life. It may seem very little, but that year is probably the year he gains full control of his life. He makes decisions for himself, but also takes consequences for his own decisions. Now, he thinks he’s free and he wants to prove to everyone that he’s worthy.

He has unrealistic goals and immature plans because a year is a long time for him. He has no fear, but he overestimates what he can get done within a year.


A year is everything; at least he thinks so, because for him, a year is full of possibilities.

A Year As 2.85%

A year for a 35 years old accountant is 2.85% of her life. She had many heartbroken events in the past, and for sure she went through many challenges in her career too. She many times thought about making a change a few years back, but there is always a voice in her head telling her to stay safe.

But now, she had enough. It’s time to take a leap of faith because a safe life is not how she wants to live. For her, a year is a decent period of time to make something happens.


A year is some good time to create breakthroughs and make a difference.

A Year As 2%

A year for a 50 years old CEO is 2% of his life. At the same time, it’s half of his lifetime if he’s going to live till 100. For many, he had lived half a century. He wishes he could go back through time to make better decisions but he knew everything happened for a reason.

He spent many years to acquire what he needs and build a foundation of where he is today. People might think he has the world and it’s time for him to settle down. For him, it’s just the beginning.


A year is a small part of a bigger plan.

A Year As 1.26%

A year for a 79 years old retired lawyer is 1.26% of his life. He had done enough. He had done everything he could and he should for himself and his family. He stops react to many things that surprise, freak, and freeze us today. He has done all that.

He probably has many other dreams yet to achieve, but he learns how to put them down. He now knew life is an endless journey. He always wants more in life, but now, he learned to enjoy the moment. He asks for nothing more.


A year is a small moment of a well-lived life.

A Year As 1%

A year for a 100 years old grandmom is 1% of her life. She took good care of her body. No one listened to her back then, so most of them are gone. For her, happiness is a choice. And every day lived is a privilege.


When she was 1, a year is her lifetime. A year is now a blink of eyes.

. . .

I believe how we feel depends on how we see time. So the next time when you feel bad, try to shift your timeframe a little bit.

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