Working remotely sounds like the best thing in life. It’s also part of the reason I enjoy working as a writer, running my own blog, and creating digital products. I get to work anywhere at anytime. In this page, you will find the most recommended tools I’m using to run my work and life.

NOTE: I get an affiliate commission or a referral bonus when you sign up for some of these tools using the links below. However, you’re not paying anything extra for them. Plus, most of them are free. (Win-win!)



  • Hover (where I purchase and manage all my domain names. Get $2 off)
  • SiteGround (to host my WordPress sites. Get 60% off)
  • Elementor Pro (the most powerful drag-and-drop website builder)
  • MailerLite (for email marketing. Free for the first 1,000 subscribers)


  • Gumroad (for digital products)
  • TransferWise (receive international currencies at lowest fees ever)
  • PayPal (for everyone who pays or gets paid)


  • Notion (best place to dump everything out from my brain)
  • G-Suite (Drive for cloud storage, Doc for writing, Sheet for storing and tracking data, Mail for emails, and more)
  • RescueTime (track how I spend my time at the background and send me a weekly and monthly report)
  • Dropbox (cloud storage and syncing)
  • Grammarly (proof everything I’ve ever written)
  • 1Password (simple, convenient security)
  • Noisli (white noise that boosts productivity at work)
  • Amazon Audible (listen to books on-the-go)
  • Blinkist (book summaries app I use to pick books I read in full)


  • You Need A Budget (the best budgeting tool. Try it free for 34 days)
  • Headspace (simple, effective guided meditation app)
  • F.lux (blue light blocker to help improve sleep)

. . .

These are the most recommended tools I’m using right now. I’m also testing some other tools and will add more to the list when I find better tools in the future.