Hey there! I’m Dean Yeong.

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I’m the Head of Content at Sumo.com and writer at DeanYeong.com.

As a 2x Quora Top Writer, my work has been featured on Inc, HuffPost, Observer, and many other major publications—leading to over 30 millions of organic views.

Here I teach and write about how to become a high performing professional and leader by thinking clearly and managing ourselves effectively.

What’s In It For You?

Maybe you’re feeling overwhelmed by the obligations you have and the information available to you. Or you’re stuck and not making the progress you’ve hoped. Or you’re dissatisfied with your current work and wanted to grow creatively in a different way.

Perhaps you’re doing good but are looking for ways to improve and take things further.

I’ve been there, and I still experience similar challenges from time to time. In fact, everyone does, even the great leaders and top performers you put on the pedestal.

These great minds succeed not by the lack of challenging problems, self-destructing habits, and limiting beliefs. Instead, they succeed by thinking and doing things differently.

That’s why I decided to study them to uncover what works and what doesn’t. I then write and publish about what I’ve learned here. Other than the blog posts you can read on this site, I’ve compiled the best lessons and insights in an email course to help you maximize your productivity and output.

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Here are a few selected articles I’ve written to kickstart your learning:

Dean is packed full of knowledge and wisdom for freelancers and entrepreneurs. He shares a high-quality mixture of creative concepts, productivity techniques, in-depth insights, and motivational mindset booster to help professionals be more successful at what they do.

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