The resistance to perform at your full potential as a creative or an entrepreneur is huge - both from the inside and the outside. Conquering the resistance is not just about the hard work, but also self-awareness, discipline, and grit.

Being a creative and an entrepreneur myself, I acknowledge that the ability to making better decisions, cultivating good habits, and maintaining great health are crucial to our work and life. That’s when I started to dive deeper into these topics to uncover what makes successful people and top performers achieve what they have achieved.

However, I don’t just write about things. Along the way, I like to try out the concepts myself as the experiment to build better habits and rituals to achieve what matters the most to me. And that indirectly shape this site, it’s one part of research-based facts and findings, one part storytelling, and one part personal thoughts and experience.

At the same time, a small selection of my work is being featured on Inc., Huffington Post, Observer, Medical Daily, Apple News and many other major publications.


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P.S.: I don’t have all the answers, however, it’s always my pleasure to share one and two things I've learned with you.