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What Is Your Body Type? Tips To Speed Up Your Fitness Growth

Having hard time to train your body? Understand the differences between Ectomorph, Mesomorph, and Endomorph.

Proven Process to Boost Creativity that Most People Ignored

A creative idea is not one “a-ha” moment when you’re lying on your bed watching Netflix all day, a creative idea is the one that stands out among the sea of bad ideas you had created.

Learn Anything Faster using this Technique by a Nobel Prize-Winning Theoretical Physicist

In addition to being a brilliant scientist, Richard Feynman also called “The Great Explainer”. Indeed, this is the exact technique he used to master his Ph.D. exam in Princeton University.

How Top Athletes Set Goals that Most People Don’t

I believe that the athlete's approach to goal-setting, training, and competition can give us valuable insights on becoming a better version of ourselves.

Three Strategies to Make Building a New Habit Easier

The best way to build a new habit is not by forcing it to happen, rather, we should implement tips and hacks to make the entire process easier.

Michael Phelps: Stop Trying, Start Committing

With total 28 Olympic medals, Phelps is the most decorated Olympian of all time, not by his gifted physique, but by his commitment to the sports.

Implement These (My Routine) to Start Thinking Like a Genius

Albert Einstein is a genius. Bill Gates is a genius. Mark Zuckerberg is a genius. The question is - how to think like a genius?

Debunking the Myths of Behavioral Change

I wasn’t skeptical. I chose to believe in some of the very sketchy ideas five years ago. But now, let's find out the truth behind some popular ideas of behavioral change.

Louis Borgenicht: How to Do Meaningful Work that Matters

There are three qualities that a work has to have to be meaningful and satisfying. It’s not the money that makes us happy. It’s whether our work matters to us.

Never Break the Chain: an Insanely Simple Tip by Jerry Seinfeld to Generate Great Idea

Jerry Seinfeld, "12th Greatest Comedian" by Comedy Central & "Highest-Paid Comedians" by Forbes, revealing his recipe of great work - never break the chain

10 Tools I Have Learned from the Titans

Ideas, techniques, insights, and wisdom I have learned from reading Tools of Titans by Tim Ferriss.

The Science Behind Getting Motivated & Staying Motivated

Motivation is overrated, to be specific, extrinsic motivation is. The solution is to quickly move into actions, at the same time, take a closer observation on the intrinsic motivation.

What Four Hamburgers Taught Me About Happiness

These four hamburgers represent things we're focusing on in our everyday life, and they made up four different quadrants called the Happiness Quadrants.

Decision Minimalism: Productivity Hack of Steve Jobs & Mark Zuckerberg

What Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, some chocolate cookies, and radishes taught us about decision minimalism? And how is that help in our work and life?

Feeling Fat? Try These 3 Scientific Hacks to Healthy Eating with Little Effort

Three tips and hacks to implement science and research into your daily habits and routines to start your healthy eating pattern with little effort.

How to Turn Adversity Around by Slicing the Three Layers of Failure

We should get a deeper understanding of our failures, not to dwell or complain or point the finger at someone else for our missteps, but to learn valuable lessons from our experiences.

Books I Read in 2016

Reading daily is one of the best habits I have built after working out regularly and writing weekly. It expands my worldview and reality so much, at the same time, shaped my beliefs and characters indirectly.

How can a Tiny Domino Maximize Your Rate of Winning

With the domino chain reaction, a 5 mm tall, tiny domino could knock out a huge, 1-meter tall domino. In work and life, small simple things could be that tiny domino.

What It Takes to Become a Successful Entrepreneur

After studying many successful entrepreneurs of all kinds - investors, traders, startup founders, freelancers, teachers, writers, there are certain beliefs, mindsets, and habits all of them have in common.

2016 Progress Review & Integrity Report

Every end of the year, I review my year and rate every area of my life. To have a better clarity on what went well, what went wrong, and how to improve.

Golden Triangle of Productivity

Productivity is the combination of effectiveness and efficiency. Only when the effectiveness and efficiency intersect, real productivity happens.

One Essential of True Productivity that No One Talks About

The thing is, most of us forget about the importance of rest, the crucial role of taking breaks, and all the benefits come with a good night sleep.

Your Bucket is Leaking: What Most People Failed to See in the Pursuit of Greatness

You can't fill your bucket up if it's leaking. Just like you can't move forward when your tiny bad habits are holding you back.

10 Key Traits of Mentally Toughness People

High mental toughness doesn't guarantee win and glory and success, but it helps you to stay on the bus longer and play the long game better.

The Comprehensive Guide to Breaking, Building & Transforming Habits (backed by science)

Discover the scientific formula behind habit formation, how to break a bad habit and replace it with a good one, and finally how to make good habits stick.

4 Uncommon Approaches to Master Time Management Very Little People Talk About

Time management is not merely planning your schedule, but to manage your energy by changing your focus, framing your feelings, and organizing your priorities.

What to Do Next? (When Run Out of Hope)

Perfectionism and unrealistic self-judgment combined, kill all hope. Give up on being perfect based on your own standard and ship your work on time instead.

Improve Your Performance by Praciting Optimism

Positive expectations regarding a treatment can result in positive outcomes known as the Placebo Effect. Now, translate this to performance improvement.

How Top Leaders Like Bill Gates and Mark Cuban Spend Time on Growth

Most leaders like Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, and Mark Zuckerberg are busy individuals, but they all are committed to this rule.

The Five-Step Process to Do the Right Thing at The Right Time

In business and personal life, there is always an opportunity cost in every decision you didn't make. That is because we all have a finite resource - time.

Three Fundamentals to Better Health that People Tend to Ignore

When the next shiny technology becomes our distraction, I suggest we first focus on fundamentals to better health before we get another fitness tracker.

The Paradox of Choice: How Less Freedom Makes Us Happier

If we want to maximize our happiness, the best way to achieve it is to maximize our freedom. With that said, the more choice we have, the happier we are. Is that really the truth?

11 Best Routines of Highly Productive Poeple

the difference of highly productive people with average procrastinators is that they have clear vision and goals, understand their priority, and always focus on the important things only.

Confirmation Bias: Why We Make Poor Judgment & Bad Decision

We are making thousands of decision every day. We should be an expert at this, but we still made many poor judgments and bad decisions due to the confirmation bias.

Perspectives of A Year

Many of us see time differently. Sometimes, even ourselves see a year now and a year later differently. This short article is to illustrate the perspectives in the different timeframes.

11 Habits that Made Elon Musk Elon Musk

Even though our goals aren't anything close to Elon Musk's vision, I believe there are some habits and traits we can pick up from him.

The Bouncing Theory: Getting from Good to Great

Often, we're bouncing within a range of performance in many areas of our life - the good and the mediocre. How to get from good to great instead?

Seven Steps to Build Good Habits to Transform Your Life

Everyone knows our habits are what formed our present and our life, but very few know how we to build good habits from scratch.

Why Don’t We Do What We Want to Do?

We know that it’s so difficult and challenging for us to do what we need to do to achieve what we set out to achieve. But why is that?

Three Vocabulary Hacks that will Change Your Life Instantly (and Forever)

Our words and vocabularies shape our life because that's how we give meaning to everything. Use these three hacks to transform your life for the better.

The Power of Roleplay: The Hidden Force Behind Behavioral Change & Life Transformation

When does roleplay become the reality? Here are what we can learn from the Stanford Prison Experiment in 1971 about how human behavior work.

Three Simple Steps to Ramp Up Your Self-Confidence Game

Constantly staying in the state of low self-confidence doesn’t help to achieve great things. And here are some ways to break free from that.

Do These for Better Life in Later Years (Before It’s Too Late)

There are many things you can do to achieve success in life. But I believe these few are the most important steps to take for us to live a better life.

Self-Control: Your Behaviors on Automation

I spent big portion of my time in the past two weeks coding my WordPress theme. Then I found a technique to harness our self-control from those codes.

How to Make a New Lifestyle Sticks (Even It Seems Impossible)

When come to making a new desired lifestyle sticks, we don't always do what we planned to do. Simply because we never define our identity for that. To make lasting lifestyle change, define your identity first.

The 6 Core Pillars of The Monday Digest Community

In the real world, you might be a lone army. But here in this community, these 6 core pillars make us unite - to master the art of becoming better.

Triple Your Performance & Productivity with Simplicity

Simplicity is not about set lower par goals or do less. Instead, it means to remove junk and focus on things that truly matters the most.

How Do I Read More Books In 2016

I love to read since the age of 15, but I stopped reading after I started working. This year, I decided to read more, and here is how I do it.

Why Tiny Actions Work Best, Way Better than Massive Action

Often, when we discuss goals, we talk about massive actions. But with years of study and experiment, I found that tiny actions work best. Here is why.

Live Happier By Taking Notes, Asking Questions & Changing Your Vocabulary

A story about a teacher and two of his student that taught us how to live a happier life with a few simple steps.

Why Should You Stop Multitasking Now: the Science & the Solutions

The first published use of “multitask” appeared in computing, but what about human multitasking? It does more bad than good to your productivity...

The Fight of Two Wolves Inside You

There are two wolves fighting inside all of us. The first one is evil, the second one is good... Which will wolf win? The one you feed.

Urgent Life vs Important Life

This is not the ESBI quadrant by RichDad PoorDad, but something much more important - the quadrant of out time...

The Complete Guide To Intermittent Fasting For Beginner

New to intermittent fasting? Here is the beginner's guide to intermittent fasting - everything you need to know to get started with intermittent fasting.

Raise Your Standard With Identity Setting

There is only 8% of people achieve their New Year resolution in the past year. Obviously the problem is not we don't know how to achieve our goals when we can learn almost anything online today - it's about who we think we are, when we set goals.

The 3 Zones of Learning

I was watching one of the episodes by London Real few weeks ago, interview with Ido Portal – Someone I’m following regularly online after bumped on one of this video at Strength Project. He talks about learning zones which I like to share with you...

4 Hacks to Stronger Willpower

There are numerous of goals we want to achieve in life. Whether it’s getting to the desired income, building a fulfilling relationship, or achieving a certain fitness goal, at some point, we need to do what we should but we don’t want to do...

Truths About Fitness That Nobody Willing To Accept

If you’re completely satisfied with your health and fitness, this article is not for you. But for the rest of you who have any slight thought of improving your fitness level, I’m writing this for you...

Why and How to Be a Morning Person

I wasn’t a morning person before this. Although I prefer to wake up early, but there is no consistency in this schedule. What to do to get up early?

How To Stop Procrastinating

Early of the year, we set goals. We know what’s important for us, what actions we need to take in order to achieve our goals. To double our income, to start eating healthy, spend more time with family or start exercise to lose weight...

Art to Fulfilling Relationship

It's so rare for me to write about the topic of relationship. First, this is not about how to attract girls or men or anything on how to get someone into bed. Instead, this article is about how to have a fulfilling and lasting relationship, and how you can further improve it...

Master Your Body Movement Part 2: The Big Six

In the past article, I wrote about the important on master your body movement first before lifting external weights. Read it here to know more about the benefits to train with your own bodyweight...

How Our Belief System Works

My parents used to believe we should work hard, really hard, just to survive. Because they believe that one's destiny is fixed since the day he or she was born. Regardless how hard he or she will try, his/her destiny can never be changed...

Basic Bodyweight Full Body Routine

This is my current routine after I went through a much basic bodyweight routine to expand my mobility and correct my posture in basic movement especially dips and chin-up because I have less strength on those...

What Does It Means To Feel “Stuck”

Stuck. An emotion and feeling that knocking on the door of my head much frequent this week. Sometimes it might take 10 seconds for me to find my way out, but sometimes, I will stay in the “stuck” state for more than 3 hours...

2016 Resolution: Live Consciously With Urgency

It’s a brand new year again. If you’re 34 yo this year, this might be your 31st new year celebration consciously, assuming that we all know nothing during the first 3 years of our life. 31 December is the day with lots of emotions and love, and first two days of the year are filled with motivation...

2015 Progress Review & Integrity Report

It’s the last month of 2015. Yes, it’s December. This is a summary rating for what I have accomplished and what’s coming for next year...

Increase Difficulty Level of Push-up by Varying Your Grip Width

One of the best bodyweight workouts will be push-up. You can say it’s a workout for your chest, but it’s more than that. Push-up trains not just train your chest, but your triceps, shoulder, back and core. It’s an essential workout to include into you push day...

Master Your Body Movement, First

It was 5 years ago I started to train, because I was overweight and always suffer from low self-esteem, and thinking to transform my body shape to change the situation...

4 Rules To Help You Save More & Earn More

I start using YNAB when I saw the promotion from Appsumo, and I never get back. If you love budgeting, here are 4 rules to make the most out of it (original concept by YNAB)...

Why We Do What We Do?

Something I learned from Tony Robbins workshop

Look At Life As A Whole And Start Small

How To Fix Everything That Seem Wrong In Your Life

How To Stick To A Plan: Reset Reminder & Progress Parameter

How many times you make a plan, feeling motivated and carries them out for the first week, then starting to slow down, and then fall out from that plan. From working out 3 times a week to watching TV on the couch every day; from writing a blog post weekly to browsing Facebook news feed...