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Break Bad Habits and Build Good Habits that Last a Lifetime

Your outcome is not the result of an one-time event. Whether it’s a failure or success, it’s the result of your repetitive actions and behaviors. In other words, what you have and where you are now, is the product of your habits.

The best way to transform your life for the better is to take control of your habits—to break the bad and build good ones that last a lifetime.

Hack You Habits is a 47-page-short, on purpose book on breaking bad habits, building new good habits, and achieving lasting change. It also uncovers a few pieces of scientific research behind behavioral change and habit formation, to support the ideas and techniques mentioned in the book.

Here is a three most important things you will learn in this book:

  1. Why bad habits are so difficult to break, the common mistakes people made when changing their habits, and how to deal with it.
  2. The key elements of behavior change and the scientific formula behind habit formation that make building new good habits easier.
  3. How to use the identity-based cue and environment design to stick to your good habits for a lifetime

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