If you enjoyed my articles and book notes, you may also like some of the products I’ve created and tools I’m using.

These products will help you think better, become more productive, and so much more—and help me put more time and effort into creating more content.

Online Courses

  • Mental Models for 10x Performance. A free self-pace email course that will show you the exact mental models and proven strategies top performers have used to maximize their productivity and output—in both personal and team settings.

Services and Tools

  • ConvertKit. The email marketing tool I’m using to run my newsletter. I’ve tried many email service provider and ConvertKit is one of the best I’ve come across so far.
  • Fathom Analytics. I don’t collect any of your personal data in the background — no Google Analytics, no Facebook Pixel, nada. So how do I measure my site performance? Fathom is the answer. It’s a simple, light-weight, and privacy-focused analytic tool that allow me to play my part to a more privacy-friendly internet.
  • DIYThemes. I coded my own WordPress theme when I first started this blog because I couldn’t find a lightweight, performance-focused theme good for both SEO and conversion. Then comes the Thesis Framework and Focus Theme by DIYThemes.
  • Roam Research. My all-in-one knowledge management tool. I use it for morning journal, daily review, book and article notes, contact management, quick capture, and so much more.
  • YNAB. It stands for You Need A Budget—and it’s the best budgeting tool I’ve come across by far. Most budgeting app focuses on the wrong things (how much you have spend, how much you can cut, etc.). YNAB helps you look into the future and budget for what matters to you most.
  • StashAway. I read a lot about money and investing but I don’t see myself as an expert. StashAway is a robo-advisor I use to invest 80% of my savings. When it comes investing, it’s smarter than me—and still improving.