Why We Do What We Do?

By Dean Yeong on May 14, 2015

I am fortunate to have the opportunity to attend one of the workshops by Tony Robbins in Singapore last week. The event is organized by Success Resources and it’s a three days event.

Meeting Tony Robbins in person is always one of my to-dos and I can cross this off my list now. But I had added a new one is to attend Tony Robbins courses. There are so many points to take away in that short 3 days, but I am going to share only one of them.

My bad… The photo is a little blur

Why We Do What We Do

Why is this important? Because if we understand this, we understand ourselves and others. It helps in term of relationship (any kind of) and business. I always think it would be great if I am Charles Xavier so I am read others’ mind. Then I will be able to know why they are doing something.his never

This never happen in real life. But there are 6 universal human needs that affect every decision we make, every thought in our head and every active we have.

  1. Certainty – We need certainty to feel safe and secure.
  2. Variety – We need variety to feel surprised in life.
  3. Significant – We need to feel special.
  4. Love & Connection – We need bonding and caring for others.
  5. Growth – We need to learn and grow.
  6. Contribution – We need the sense that we can do more beyond ourselves.

So, here are the 6 universal human needs and its short description. I am not going to explain in detail here, but if you meet me in person, we can talk more about it. (But this is going to be a short article, again. LOL!)

But… Why Are We Different

Some of you might not believe this and you might ask. If everyone has the exact same needs, why everyone is different? I have the same question as well, and this is why.

Due to culture, education, and environment, everyone grew up with totally different life experience (even you and your sibling are different). With different life experience, we will have difference level of obsession in these 6 needs.

Some people like to have more certainty to feel more secure; while some people prefer to have more variety in their life. Some think it’s fine to be average and prefer to be normal; while some are obsessed to be special and significant.

Because of our priority in these 6 needs are differents, so we think and act differently. But by and large, our needs are pretty much the same.

The Six Needs Vs Growing Your Business

So, this is the fun part that Tony Robbins shared with us. But I will only write about this in the next post. I will talk about how these 6 needs affect your business and how you can make use of it.

By the way, do you have any need you don’t think it falls into any of these 6? Feel free to share them, and we will find out. Cheers!

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