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2015 Letter of Review

It’s the last month of 2015. Yes, it’s December. I’m sending this to you because you’re a few friends I think I really wish to connect and grow together. Besides, I published this on my personal blog as well. It’s a summary rating for what I have accomplished and what’s coming for next year.

I am going to rate myself in several areas of my life in a scale of 1 to 10. Of course, 1 is not good at all while 10 is the best. So, let’s do it!

Business & Career: 5/10

Career and business. The good thing here is I finally go 100% into a business. I used to start some small businesses and accept some freelance work on and off in the past. But I didn’t get away to go all-in into a business. That’s a very good kickstart there.

What’s not satisfying is that I didn’t really do everything I planned or expected to do. Not so much on the external circumstances but more on my inner-self. I think I didn’t push myself enough to run my business to achieve the best possible results. There is still a lot I can improve there.

I have to get serious to increase the revenue of my coffee business and get into hiring to free some of my time up for many important tasks next year (but started planning now, why wait?)

Personal Development: 8/10

Something I’m proud of this year. I believe I had improved so much personally by having a clearer vision and focus in life. Besides, I had successfully built a few powerful habits to support my life journey.

Some great habits and activities I got into:

  • Breathing exercise: I used to meditate when I get to know about the benefits. But the personal development market is so crowded out there. Too much bullsh*t I personally think. Just to clear and calm my mind (I used to think 24/7), I am practicing deep breathing exercises for 5 minutes daily.
  • Reading 20 pages daily: this is gold! Again, I always wanted to read. But I find it hard to get started and stick to it. But by reading 2 books (Awakening Your Giant Within by Tony Robbins and The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg), I get to know how human behavior works. Get into reading every day with ease!

These are the two best habits I got myself into, there are small habits I practice daily such as asking myself the right questions and stay in a peak state that impacts my life a lot in terms of business, fitness, and relationship too. But we will talk more about that in the future.

Health & Fitness: 7/10

I’m extremely happy about this part of my life. Not because I finally got the six-pack abs I want, very close but not yet. But I am able to workout consistently without fail! Big win!

Since last year, I got into the two most effective disciplines to train my body. I was able to perform the movements I never thought was possible before! Hit new PRs for my big lifts – back squat, bench press, deadlifts. And improved my bodyweight movements on dips, pull-ups, handstand, and L-sit.

Gain a lot of strength and muscle along the journey and shred off quite some amount of fat by practicing intermittent fasting.

Relationships: 6/10

This is not just about my relationship with my other half. Of course, I will give 8 out of 10 for that. I am learning to appreciate her more and practicing to become the best boyfriend in the world! LOL! And I learned to see an argument in a healthier way.

Relationship with family? Totally cool. Spending more time with my family members since I had moved back to stay with them. But there is still some gap there due to the surrounding influence (the person I meet, follow, books I read, and activities I am doing) differences. But I always practice to see things in their perspective and letting go of the feeling to prove myself right (everyone has different reality).

On the other hand, I think I should start making more friends. I have a very limited number of friends since I move back from KL to Johor. But that’s not something I have full focus on. I always value quality over quantity.

. . .

That’s all for this post of my personal rating for 2015. I’m planning for the upcoming year and will write about that soon. Why I’m telling you this? To gain the leverage to hold me accountable on my vision and my plan!

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