Awaken The Giant Within: How to Take Immediate Control of Your Mental, Emotional, Physical, and Financial Destiny

Awaken The Giant Within is a self-help book packed with many big ideas. Even some claim that the concepts in the book are not backed by science and research, but it’s undoubtedly a must-read book for anyone who likes to master their inner self and change their destiny.

My Reading Notes

  • Every single decision we make are going to shape our life. Before every action, we make a decision to do something, then we make a decision to start taking that action.
  • Not making decision consciously is equal to giving up the right to set your own destiny.
  • Our belief system formed with an idea or statement, then reinforced by reference we gain from life experience, people around, and the society. When that said, we can change our belief system to work in our favor.
  • Manage your thoughts by asking the right questions. Because most thoughts are simply questions we’re asking ourselves in our head. Ask the right questions every morning will set yourself up in peak state to start yourself.
  • If you keep asking “Why am I a failure?”, your subconscious mind will simply give your reasons to prove yourself a failure. Instead, ask yourself these.
  • Mind your vocabulary. Vocabulary is what helps us to express and describe ourselves – our situation, feelings, emotions and more. But what most of us didn’t notice is that vocabulary has the power to change the intensity of a feeling. Using vocabularies that intensify negative emotions will only make you feel even worst. So, choose your vocabulary wisely.
  • Manage your emotions by understanding what they mean – knowing what it means when you feel upset, disappointed or angry, and understand their differences. Come up with a plan upfront to solve each of them so you don’t make decisions that go against with your will.
  • Understand your positive emotions, learn how to recreate them and intensify them to allow yourself stay in the peak state throughout your day.
  • Set goals for each area of your goals. Set both short and long term goals, be specific and include a deadline for each of time. Then, come up with a system to work on each of them.
  • A few universal areas you can set goals on are emotional/spiritual goals, physical/health goals, relationship goals, financial goals, and time/life goals.
  • Plan a system to work toward your goals and nurture those routines into your habits. You’re more likely to succeed by taking small actions consistently (even you feel down) then focus on big actions and depend on your motivation to kick in.
  • Understand your life vision because it’s how we navigate our life. Knowing which area/vision is your top priority and which are not in your list at all. People who prioritize security will have a very different life compared to people who prioritize adventure. Find out yours – but one thing to remember is to be flexible with it. Our life vision changes from time to time as we grow and gain more life experience along the journey.
  • Observe the rules you have in your life because it’s what makes you unhappy, especially when come to the matter of relationship and communication with others. Most of the time, we have too many rules that don’t serve us well anymore, change time and set new rules for yourself. If you have rules like “If my boyfriend loves me, he should always fulfill all my needs”, you’re going to have a hard time in your relationship and feeling upset all the time.
  • Observe and adjust your emotional rules, physical rules, relationship rules, and financial rules.
  • We don’t achieve what we want, we achieve what we tolerate. Many people want to get lean and healthy but they still practice many unhealthy behaviors. At the end of the day, they blame programs that don’t work or anything else. Expand your identity and raise your standard, you will start to behave like who you think you are.
  • Most decisions and actions we make are directly related to the identity we set for ourselves, and only then we gain the results to reinforce and strengthen that identity.

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